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I am sorry to all the players that have played Blacknova Traders run and looked after by me over the last decade, sadly Google and a few other mail providers have decided on blocking all our emails, and at current there is no way for us to resolve the issues.
Sadly due to this and my ill health which has got worse as late also the reason why I haven't been around, I have no choice but to close all games down along with the forums.
Soo, this "might" actually be it for me now.
If in the future I get all this resolved and I am better in health then I will start the games and forums back and will post on our SF page.
Like I said, Sorry to our dedicated users that have remained with use on and off over the years, but this really needs to be done.
If anyone needs to contact me then email me on my GMail account with username TheMightyDude.
Running Games
We run the following games on this server:
Stable Game 1 [Turbo Mode] (3 Month Round) Rev ~2725 - [LINK]
This game is in testing mode and may be a short run game or even reset for new changes.
BNT Recode External (Dev Run) Rev 0
This game is being recoded from the ground up to be used with (Unity 3D Engine), to allow Facebook integration and a dedicated Game Client.
All games are known to be of a stable state, however in some places unknown to us there maybe some issues.
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