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We have been working really hard the last few months to get the code to where it is and we are nearly ready for the first release of BNT (Original), to make this release better we need your help in testing the game as much as possible before the release.
If you find or have any issues in the game like error messages, missing images or text then let us know on the forums.
We are aware of some issues that are still in the game, but we would still like to know about all the issues you find to make the game more better to play.
Please Note: Do not use any passwords that you use else where, bugs and exploits can expose this information, so its better that you use the default random generated password that has been given to you.
So have fun playing the game.
Site Notice
The Game is now back up, and the forums is also but with a limited sections.
Thanks, Blacknova Development.
Running Games
We run the following games on this server:
Stable Game 1 [Turbo Mode] (3 Month Round) Rev ~2725 - [LINK]
This game is in testing mode and may be a short run game or even reset for new changes.
BNT Recode External (Dev Run) Rev 0
This game is being recoded from the ground up to be used with (Unity 3D Engine), to allow Facebook integration and a dedicated Game Client.
All games are known to be of a stable state, however in some places unknown to us there maybe some issues.
Last Updated: 19th April 2014 Blacknova Development
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