⚠ Status update - Please Read ⚠
Sorry, the Game Service is not online at the moment, please read below for the reason why:
▪ I have been having health issues, then there was that fire in the data centre destroying the server (info on that here) and then more health issues.
  ▫ Sadly I lost a lot of code in that fire and I mean a lot, at first I thought I had it all backed up, sadly the automated backup software had for some reason stopped backing up files, so I had lost the lot, it was at this point where I just had to take a break from it all.
▪ Sadly due to the newer versions of the following Packages the game has aqquired way too many errors to be able to run it securely.
  ▫ PHP, MariaDB
▪ And to resolve these issue more correctly it would require a recode of most if not all files.
  ▫ Sadly I do not want to spend all the time going through the code due to I know that almost all the code will have to be changed
▪ Therefore I might just work on the new version.
▪ This will take a while to do due to I am writing both Client and Server('s) side fo the code.
▪ I will try and keep it as close to BNT as it is now, but there will be changes.
▪ Sadly Teams will be dropped and replaced with Clans which will work exactly like it did before plus with extra features.
▪ The way we currently store Account Information will be a Persistent Account, as to where a game reset will not erase the Account Information.
  ▫ So you will only be required to create your account the once.
▪ Will also be supporting 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) using Googles Authenticator or Authy, but this is still being looked into.
▪ Will also have new AI will be added from the ground up, these will be for example Pirates, Traders, Faction Patrol type of ships
  ▫ Basically the players will have things to attack and defend against.
▪ There will be more Trade Commodities to be traded by the Player and AI.
▪ The server will be updating in real time, so no more updates every 60 seconds.
--- More to be added as time moves on and stuff gets added.
Services Currently running:
Our Forums are up and running and are located (here).
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