Section needs to be updated.

Sorry, the Game Service is partially online at the moment while we work on the server:
▪ We are restructuring our server to remove all the old content thats no longer used; which might take some time to complete.
▪ Currently at this time we are unable to give an estimated time frame on when the service will become fully available, we will add a time once we know more.
▪ The current game(s) location has changed and is/are listed below.
▪ Thank you for your patience.

Stuff currently running atm...
Here is a temp link to our running game: Core Game 1, please follow the rules for that game that is for that game.
  ▫ This is a temp place holder until I complete these new sections.

Stuff still needing to be done...
▪ Need to add a games list to internal and external games. (not yet started)
▪ Make it more reactive and scalable. (not yet started)
▪ Need to add Game List API to section. (not yet started)

This section will get updated once the new games location is at a state where we can link to it.

Sorry this is taking so long, not been too well atm.
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