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Please read our rules below, by creating your account you are agreeing to our rules.


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Game Notice
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Blacknova Development.
Our Game Rules

These are the official rules for our game(s), so please read, any violations to our rules will result in a Permanent Auto Ban for the remainder of the game, you will NOT be given a second chance once banned.

I also now and then looks through the server / game logs and if I see something I am not suppose to see I will issue a ban, so be warned.

*** Please note these rules may change without notice to make it a fair game to all players. ***

*** By creating your account you are agreeing to our terms and rules. ***

  1. You are not allowed to have multiple accounts or more than one account on the same computer or use the same IP
    In other words, if you have more than one player in the game you are breaking the rules.

  2. If you want to restart from scratch, Please notify one of our admin's and they will reset your account.
    Please Do NOT Self-Destruct and create another account, you will be auto banned.

  3. This Server runs an external automated program "The Governor" which scans for Multi Accounts and stuff your doing, which it then flags to be banned or watched depending on their detected multi-rating or stuff you shouldn't be doing.
    Once over the set threshold will result in a multi ban, which in most cases cannot be reversed.

  4. No inheritance exploits - Snow Balling.
    You are not allowed to create an account, use all it's turns and dump all assets on a planet, then create another accounts, capture the planet collect assets and so on.

  5. Please, no cursing in the game or the forums, you curse you will be banned.
    Please remember young people play this game and some people don't like to see cursing words all over the place.

  6. If you find a bug it is against the rules to exploit it.
    You must report it right away to one of the admins and preferably to the forums as well.

  7. You are not allowed to post URL Links in-game.
    We log everything and if you are caught sending URL Links you will be Banned for 24 hours or longer, so be warned.
    If you want to post a link to your games, use the forum.

  8. You are not allowed to multiple browser windows / Tabs.
    You are only allowed to use a single browser window per server when playing.

  9. You are not allowed to use an external application/automated script or bots to play BNT.
    You are only allowed to use the generic Browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome etc) unmodified when playing BNT.

  10. You are not allowed to use a form of debugger to modify the page contents.
    Changing the game contents to gain an advantage is not allowed and isn't fair to the other players.

  11. Players that get banned near the end of the round due to doing something they shouldn't or breaking any of the above rules will have their ban rolled over to the next round.
    We are getting fed up of players waiting until the game is nearly over to try an exploit or even cheat to get first place at the last minute, so we can now roll over bans if we choose.

  12. You are not allowed to use the back button on the browser.
    Basically you cannot click on a link and then use the back option to go to the previous page.

  13. You are not allowed to get a loan out and / or to dump loads of resources or credits on a planet to be used to transfer credits to another player.
    Basically you cannot dump loads of stuff on a planet to circumvent settings and rulles we have in place to make the game fare for all players.

If you are caught breaking any of these rules, you will get no warning, you will be banned.
If you have any other game issue, please notify one of our Admin's, Admin Players can found either by Blue Text via the ranking page, or by viewing the Settings Page.

Last Updated on: 01st Jun 2020
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