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News for 2020/10/18

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Cyberking's Empire now has 25 planets

The large empire of Cyberking colonized 25 planets already, in an interview, Cyberking announced that he might consider slowing down his expansion in the future!

rax's Empire now has 50 planets

The enormous vast empire of rax, represented by 50 planets in the whole galaxy is getting a threatening strength. One of the BNN reporters found out that rax is upgrading his ship planning a major war. In an interview rax announced that is done on defence purpose only!

Cyberking's Empire now has 100 Million colonists

The aspiring empire of Cyberking now has 100 million colonists, after an explosion of birth rates, Cyberking colonies seemed to be a good place for families to settle!

Rincewind's Empire now has 100 planets

The astounding empire of Rincewind, now spanning 100 planets across the galaxy is truly a dominating force. Other empires are looking to emulate this success.

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