Game Administrators

Admin Name:TheMightyDude
Admin Level:GM-DEV
Online:Feature Disabled

Game Settings

Game version:0.663:2725
Game name:3 Month Test Core Game [Mixed Mode]
Game Reset Date:Apr 1st 2021
Average tech level needed to hit mines8
Averaged Tech level When Emergency Warp Degrades15
Number of Sectors2,500
Maximum Links per sector10
Maximum average tech level for Federation Sectors8
Intergalactic Bank EnabledYes
● IGB Interest rate per update0.015
● IGB Loan rate per update0.1
Insignia EnabledNo
Tech Level upgrade for Bases1
Colonists Limit100,000,000
Maximum number of accumulated turns10,000
Maximum number of planets per sector5
Maximum number of traderoutes per player100
Maximum number of credits in IGB9,223,372,036,854,775,807
Maximum number of credits on Ship9,223,372,036,854,775,807
Maximum number of credits on each Planet9,223,372,036,854,775,807
Colonist Production Rate0.0025
Unit of Energy used per sector fighter0.10
How effective a level is (level_factor)1.45
Sector fighter degradation percentage rate5
Number of planets with bases need for sector ownership 3
Planet interest rate0.025
Planet production is in 50% Reduced Rate, values in green are used.
 “ This is the new way to scale down the production rate which 'shouldn't break anything. ”
● Colonists needed to produce 1 Fighter each turn [40,000 default]80,000
● Colonists needed to produce 1 Torpedo each turn [16,000 default]32,000
● Colonists needed to produce 1 Ore each turn [800 default]1,600
● Colonists needed to produce 1 Organics each turn [400 default]800
● Colonists needed to produce 1 Goods each turn [800 default]1,600
● Colonists needed to produce 1 Energy each turn [400 default]800
● Colonists needed to produce 1 Credits each turn [200 default]400
Restrict access to ALL Special Ports for players with Federal Bounty(s)Yes
● You will have the following access to the following Special PortsNone
● Your Traderoutes will have the following access to Special PortsNone
● Team Members Traderoutes will have the following access between Special Ports and your planetsNone

Starting Values

All new players will start off with the values shown below as the bsae values, but over time turns will increase depending how much the game is played, but it will cap at the max turns value.
Credits1,000 to MAX (10,000)
Last Seen Ship Device FittedNo
Warp Editors0
Mine Deflectors0
Emergency warp units0
Space Beacons0
Genesis Torpedos0
Escape Pod FittedNo
Fuel Scoop FittedNo

Game Scheduler Settings

Ticks happen every1 minutes
1 Turns will happen every1 minutes
Defenses will be checked every1 minutes
Xenobes will play every1 minutes
Interests on IGB accounts will be accumulated every 2 minutes
News will be generated every15 minutes
Planets will generate production every2 minutes
● Using new Planet Update CodeYes
● Limit captured planets Max Credits to 10,000,000No
Ports will regenerate x 10 every1 minutes
Ships will be towed from fed sectors every1 minutes
Rankings will be generated every30 minutes
Sector Defences will degrade every6 minutes
The planetary apocalypse will occur every 15 minutes

ID Name Version Author Type
0x0001 Email Validator v0.0.4 (0019) Beta TheMightyDude MAIL Feature
Validates if the email is valid, uses MX and Mailbox lookups.
0x0002 TheGovernor v0.1.25 (0121) Beta TheMightyDude External Wrapper
Monitors Game actions etc.
0x0003 Rollback Service v0.0.0 (0000) Alpha TheMightyDude External Wrapper
Does hourly and daily backups of the database., CAUTION THIS WILL CREATE LOADS OF DATA.
0x0004 Extreme Logging v0.0.9 (0042) Beta TheMightyDude Core-Debugger
Logs everything sent to the server. (use only on development server), CAUTION THIS WILL CREATE LOADS OF DATA.
0x0005 Rules Plugin v0.0.6 (0024) Beta TheMightyDude Rules Plugin
Displays our rules for our games.
0x0006 GM Account Auto Creator [new] v0.0.0 (0000) DEV TheMightyDude GM Feature
Automatically creates the GM Acounts when creating the universe, this allows for an automation universe creation that can be scheduled.
Loaded 4 Plugin(s) Plugin System 0.0.23 (0047) Alpha [TheMightyDude]

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