Disclaimer Warning: This Server will have errors, so if you get any errors displayed then let me know via BugReport@blacknova.net and i will take a look.
For any other issues contact us on Feedback@blacknova.net or Support@blacknova.net
DO NOT REPLY TO no-reply@blacknova.net these are only out-going game emails, all emails sent to this go to the NULL and void, I can see in the mail logs these are still being sent to.
Please use as many features as possible so that we can see what works and what doesn't, Thanks...

Please be aware our rules (updated 11th January 2018) have changed, please read now.

Blacknova Traders
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Blacknova Traders


Welcome to Blacknova Traders (BNT)!

BNT is a web-based massively multiplayer space combat and trading game inspired by the popular BBS games of TradeWars and Ultimate Universe.

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